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Pedro Oh

Pedro Oh

SAMSUNG Body Care 

CEO's Resume

  • Korea International Cooperation Agency dispatch of foreign experts (Mozambique: 2012, Algeria: 2014, East Timor: 2016)

  • He was a professor at the Center for International Development Cooperation at the Gyeong-gi University of Science and Technology.

  • He was a professor at the Korea  Aerospace University's Developing Support Center.

  • He was a professor at Korea Polytechnic University.

  • He served as the head of the Shin-wol Union Reconstruction Association.

  • He served as head of marketing research center, GNLD Inc.

The One Health

is our brand name and SAMSUNG Body Care is our commercial & sales office is sailing towards the Global Market Looking back at The One Health’s history, every moment of growth has been defined by innovation. The One Health, which debuted as a  brand that focused on organic skin products, has provided customers with the pleasure of experiencing various cosmetic skin’s care and continues to introduce popular products to this day. In search of the world’s best quality, we have established overseas outsourcing systems in Europe, North and South America, and in the Middle East.

The One Health’s management goals are focused on our customers and on our global business. In the face of the rapidly changing market environment, we will become more sensitive to our customers ‘changing needs and become more customer-and market-oriented. We are committed to creating new market-oriented innovations. In particular, the digital transformation taking place during the Fourth Revolution is a challenge that must be met.

While providing customers with confidence and pleasure, we will do our best to sail towards the great vision of placing The One Health products in the pouches of customers all over the world.


Founder & CEO


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