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  • Do you sell your products in Korea?
    No, currently we just export our products abroad.
  • Does your company have branches in different countries?
    Yes, at the moment we are establishing a branch of SAMSUNG Body Care in Italy.
  • How can we get informed about the products' price?
    The way to find out the price is that, since we are a wholesaler, your company sends its purchase request (LOI) with a letterhead to our email in the contact section, and our export team will send you the answer after checking.
  • How many pieces of your product can we order?
    For more info about it please contact us at
  • How can I order your products?
    Simply contact us at and we will tell you the process.
  • Does your company enter direct sales of products on Amazon or the Internet?
    No, we only give our products to our branches all over the world, and the companies that have representation from us can enter the internet market and Amazon.

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